Navistar Engine Group

Navistar Engine Group is a world leader in diesel engine manufacturing, offering a high performing family of 50-475 cv (37-354 kW) diesel-powered engines. The company holds 42 percent market share of medium-duty diesel engines and 64 percent market share of school bus engines in North America. In South America, MWM Diesel Engines, a subsidiary of Navistar Engine Group is a leading diesel engine manufacturer with 30 percent market share. In addition, joint ventures have led to greater Navistar growth in other continents, especially in Europe.

Navistar provides high performance diesel-powered engines to a number of global clients, among them Ford Motor Company, General Motors, MAN Latin América and Volvo, for use in trucks, pickups, vans and SUVs. Navistar also produces diesel engines for commercial and passenger vessels, agricultural machinery, construction vehicles, and a number of other off-road vehicles and equipment.